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Overlord S-RAMP :: Older Versions

0.6.0.Final Released October 3, 2014

Introduced stored queries, JMS event publishing, Arquillian-based integration test suite, Ontology UI improvements, and lots of bug fixes!

0.5.0.Final Released August 11, 2014

Included a brand new UI to manage your Ontologies, EAP 6.2/6.3 support, new demos, an embedded development server, and many fixes/improvements!

0.4.0.Final Released March 13, 2014

A platform-focused S-RAMP release, with support for Tomcat 7 and Fuse 6.1.

0.3.0.Final Released July 17, 2013

This was the first public release of S-RAMP, which included:

  • Core repository implementation
  • The Repository Browser UI
  • Maven integration
  • The command line interface/utility

Important Note

Please feel free to grab an old version of S-RAMP from one of the sections to the left. However, we would really love it if you helped us move the project forward. For example, tell us why you prefer an older version to the latest!


Overlord S-RAMP is a fully supported component of the Red Hat JBoss Fuse Service Works. If you are interested in support/consulting, please contact Red Hat!